Life as a virtual photographer

Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world.

Steven Pinker

Photography is known worldwide. but i’m not entirely comfortable behind a physical camera. Now virtual photography (VP) takes a lot from normal photography e.g lighting, composure, exposure and composition. but with VP your subject is primarily static allowing you to play with the settings and angles to find that perfect shot. for example.

Marvels Spider-man – PS4

This shot of Spider-man is fairly easy to create because you are able to manipulate the camera, position it to suit the type of photo you want. though you can get great results with Spider-man on ps4 there is some problems VP face. as VP is a fairly new medium for photography their are some limitations because of the fact. there are only a handful of games that have a inbuilt “photo-mode” meaning that most games released prior to fall 2019 are hard to create shots though not entirely impossible. Some video games user interface (ui) leave a lot of room at the centre focal point therefore the ui can be edited/cropped out. that still leaves you with the problem with the camera. First Person Shooters (FPS) (often have your weapon constantly onscreen which compromises the photo. (unless you want it there) Third Person games, compared to FPS they have more room to play with. you don’t have a weapon on the forefront of the screen and the ui can even fade out during game play.(Red Dead Redemption 2 ) But you still have to struggle with the camera being in orbit mode meaning the camera only pans around your character.

VP is still evolving, with many being on Instagram which is where i started posting a few months ago. more and more games are receiving photo-mode whether that’s in development of a game or from updates like A Plague Tale: Innocence which the Devs added after a months of the games being released due to player feedback. hopefully the trend keeps going and we see VP being on the same level as photography!

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A Plague Tale Innocence

A Plague Tale Innocence is one of those games that make you feel for the characters both the main cast and supporting. The changes Hugo De Rune goes through is monumental, he starts out as a scared and sickly child but the further he progress in his journey with his sister Amicia to cure his cursed blood he becomes more confident and powerful.

Hugo De Rune

Amicia tries her best to keep Hugo safe and attempts to shelter him from the plauge as he is the only family she has! Amicia also goes through changes of her own. She starts out as a normal adolescent girl who cringed at the sight of the rats or any gruesome scene but she quickly overcome that to keep her brother safe.

Amicia De Rune

This game is just incredible the story is perfect gameplay is great and it captures the bond between brother and sister perfectly. Asobo has created a masterpiece and I cannot wait to see where their next game takes them

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Portraits Of Amicia De Rune

Amicia is a young, headstrong girl with an assertive personality. She wants a life filled with adventure. She shows a progressive attitude, but she is also quite egocentric. She’s not used to sharing or opening herself to others, which will be a real challenge for her.


Amicia de Rune is a young girl of noble descent who lives with her family in rural Aquitaine in france, which is being invaded by the English. Hugo her younger brother has been ill since birth, their mother Beatrice, who practises alchemy, has locked him away and is desperately looking for a way to cure him. While hunting with her father Robert in the forest, Amicia encounters signs of the future as her dog Lion is horrifically consumed by an unseen force. They flee back to the de Rune estate, but troops from the Inquisition fronted by Lord Nicholas arrive and raid the estate in search of Hugo, executing Robert and several servants. Before Amicia and Hugo escape Beatrice tells them to find a fellow alchemist named Laurentius at his farm not far away.

Amicia and Hugo flee through a nearby village, where they learn that hordes of ravenous rats have been spreading the plague while devouring anything and everything they come across. The hostile villagers are driven to a witch hunt, and Inquisition soldiers are within the village, Amicia and Hugo reach Laurentius’s farm, but he has the plague. Laurentius pleads with Amicia to find a cure for Hugo’s affliction. When Laurentius’s house catches fire leaving him to his demise, Amicia and Hugo flee with his apprentice Lucas to seek the cure

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A little thankyou!

Just a quick thankyou to all who has at least clicked on my blog, evermore so to those who have liked my posts! You all make this hobby worthwhile, although I’m still low on people’s radar its humbling knowing I get to make a few people happy!

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The world of Red Dead Redemption 2

With such a huge world to explore there are so many opportunities to capture the world!!!

Massive vistas to dank alleyways to quirky characters!!

Running native 4k on the Xbox One X you are practically watching a cut scene throughout the game! Though it has no fully dedicated photomode you can turn all UI off and switch between first person and third person and use the games camera as a mean to photograph or you can use the ingame oldtimey camera that works as an oldtimey camera shots come out a little blurred and has a brown/yellow tint

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Virtual Minimalism

Bound is one of those games which constantly has you gasping at the level of detail and intricate shapes that make up the world.

In bound you play as a ballerina who uses ballet to tell a story about a crumbling family and a child’s use of dance to escape the emotional trauma of her home life. In Bound a terrible monster is destroying the kingdom, the Queen who wants to stop the monster, a Hero who wont decide if they want to help and caught in the middle of it is you, a Princess, and the Princess must use the power of dance to navigate various often dangerous world.

The photomode within the game is wonderful! Theres is a ton of filters to choose from! And the ability to advance frames one by one to truly get the pose you want from a long animation is a welcome addition.

The world Is built with simple shapes and lots of particles which mainly represents pain and sorrow and they manifest them selves into an extension of the monster. When they grab onto the princess you can really feel her remembering her past and the trauma she faced which is really brought to life in photomode!

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Bound Minimalism Photography